Chore Chart

 The other day my girls and I made our (way to often) trip to Target. While trying to rush past the toy isles, my middle kid asks for “The coolest ripstik EVER”. If you’re not familiar, it’s like a skateboard that only has one wheel on each end and twists in the middle. They sell anywhere from $50-200. So… nope. We won’t be purchasing a ripstik today. My very persistent child keeps begging…

Maddi: But mom, they make a pink one now!

Me: No way! I’m not spending $100 on a toy today.

Maddi: But Mom… All my friends have one.

Me: Okay, play on theirs.

Maddi: But I NEED my own.

Me: I don’t have $100 to blow on a toy today. 

Maddi: Just use your card!

Me: I just said I don’t have that kind of money.

Maddi: Well we could go to the ATM and get money.

Me: Madilynn! (insert angry mom face) Where do you think that money comes from?!?

Maddi: From the machine!!

…I stopped walking. I just stood there. In the middle of the isle. Blank staring at my child. Did she really think the ATM just disbursed cash at will? She did! Wouldn’t we have a lot more stuff if that were the case? Would we not ALL be camping out by ATMs? #MOMFAIL Time to learn some money management!

I present to you… Our chore chart!!

I am SO happy with the results from this! It’s helping everyone out! The kids get their much needed cash, and I get help! I don’t give them chores to do. They need to keep their rooms clean, laundry put away and pick up after themselves. So this works perfectly! If they want extra cash or to save up, there is a way to earn it. And trust me, after the kids clean up dog poop all over the backyard for $5 (while you got to sit back and watch), they’ll be holding onto that money a little tighter next time.

I started with a frame from the dollar store.

Took everything out

Flipped it over and hot glued twine from side to side. You can use anything for this part; yarn, ribbon, wire, etc. Twine fits my decor the most.

Then make up your chores! I chose anything I would like help with. And doing it this way makes it easy to change the chores as you see fit. In the summer, we’ll add yard work, mowing the lawn and washing the cars. 

Cut them out, and hang them up! I used these leftover clothes pins from my baby shower. You can use paper clips or binder clips also. 

And voilĂ ! 

What do your kids do for extra cash? 

Teach your kids responsipility with a chore chart. Let children earn their own money doing things around the house, and learn the value of a dollar.<\div>

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