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My little baby is growing up so fast! She just hit the 3 month mark! I feel like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital (que the momma water works)…

It is amazing watching her learn something new. To see her face light up when she gets excited! We’ve done some awesome learning activities over the past few months together, and it’s about time to add some new activities in the mix. I want to share our favorite 10 activities with you!

All of these activities are also honing in on super important skills she’s learning, so… BONUS!


This is one of her favorites! She gets so excited when she realizes she’s the one moving these balloons. Just loosely tie one to each foot. I purchase these from Dollar Tree, so this activity costs us about $2.00 and lasts about 2 weeks!


Some babies don’t enjoy tummy time, but it’s so important for these squishy littles! We purchased this tummy time mat here. It’s got the little comfy pillow for baby, attached toys, a full mat to lay on and a mirror! But just putting baby on a blanket on the floor and getting down there with them works wonders too! Infantino Go GaGa Tummy Time Mat


She really likes to play on her activity mat. There’s little animals that light up while singing on top that makes her smile as soon as it’s turned on. Most mats have hooks and loops to remove toys. It’s fun for baby to see new things, so when you take them off to clean them, switch places. Or you can do what we do, and add streamers! These were also from Dollar Tree ? so another activity for $2.00!! But two rolls of streamers last soooo long! Just tie them to the mat. Baby will get a kick out of touching them and hearing the noisy crunch of the paper. And if your kid is like mine, you’ll get a giggle when she rips one off and it streams down on her!


After being in the fetal position for so long, babies like to stretch it out. For her arms, we grab her hands and ask how big is baby? Then stretch her arms high above her head and say sooooo big! If there’s a sibling around she also gets an armpit tickle which makes her smile, squirm and shrink back down. For her legs, we do the bicycle movement. Just make sure if baby is resisting, you don’t pull.


Babies love to look at themselves! Ask them who that pretty baby is? I purchased this mirror from the dollar tree (surprise surprise) for just a buck!!


Let baby see the world through new heights! Daddy likes doing this one. Just hold on tight, baby only wants to pretend fly!


Take a cardboard roll from paper towels, hold it up to baby’s ear and whisper. Then move the roll to let them see where the sound is coming from.


Baby needs to learn how to tuck their chin to roll over. Help them learn how. Talk to them while laying down from their feet. Put on feet rattles and let them look to see where the noise is coming from. Or put a teddy in snap up front footies (She’s to focused on the camera here, but usually talks to her monkey)!


Dim the lights and shine a flashlight on the wall near baby. She’ll enjoy watching the light display, or make shadow puppets! Just no shining in the eye (for obvious reasons)!


One of the most important activities! Early reading correlates with higher language measures later in life. It also creates good habits and stimulates more discussions between child and parent.

You can find magic whenever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book! -Dr. Seuss

I hope you enjoy these activities as much as we do!!

What are some of your favorite activities?

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9 thoughts on “10 Activities for your little

  1. What a great list! My Doll is 1yr8m (almost) and I forgot how much you can do with them when they’re still just little immobile “squishies”! I’m expecting my second in about 7weeks so I’ll have to remember these activities because lots of them I never would have thought of 🙂

  2. Great ideas for baby activities! Watching the learning process is so incredible! It’s always amazing to see them light up when they learn something for the very first time.

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