The best presents for a girl

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This weekend was my little girls 8th birthday party! She decided to go bowling for her party this year. She kicked some serious butt and won most of the games she played. It was a fun filled day with family, friends, bowling, pizza, cake and ice cream!! Yum!

We actually had a hard time deciding what to get her for her birthday this year. Apparently, so did everyone else. The week leading up to the party, I received tons of texts asking what to get her. I had no idea what to tell them!

That lead me to compile a list of her favorite presents!

All links to these great gifts below!

Apple iPod Touch 64GB Gold (6th Generation)

Her very favorite present! This one was from the parents. She always asks for my phone! There’s always a new cheesy game showing up on my screen, or pictures of the cartoon girls shes decorated in my files. I think 8 is WAY to young for a phone, but on this she can text and Facetime us, which she feels super cool doing. Also, Apple has a family sharing plan, so she gets her own user information, but she needs my permission to purchase. Money well spent!

Caboodles On-The-Go-Girl Cosmetic Case

Can you believe it? I felt like a kid again when she opened this! I remember my Caboodle, I loved it! These are making a huge comeback, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Crayola Emoji Maker

This was a great gift! She has an emoji theme to her party! She is also really into arts and drawing. We haven’t had the chance to break into this bad buy yet, but we’re excited too!

SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone

Woah!!!!! I didn’t know this existed until this weekend!! This was one of those presents that ALL the kids wanted to open and play with right now! Goes great with that new iPod. You could be the best gift giver around!

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled with Spinner Wheel Game

I’ve never played this game (because I’m a wuss) but everyone else loves it! I get a huge kick out of watching everyone play. It idea is there are matching jelly beans inside, so you take one and give one to the other player. Then you eat them at the same time. Either you get a wonderful Jelly Belly jelly bean or something gross! My husband somehow ends up with the gross ones most of the time, his least favorite – canned dog food…

Giftlit Book Subscription

This is a personal favorite of mine, but my little girl loves to read, They have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions available, And the books your child will receive are changeable, so no duplicates! On a side note, she received this and I was so excited that I went straight to the website to check it out. The have books for every age, and a baby starter collection. The Hungry Caterpillar comes with a matching onesie! So cute!

We had a blast at her birthday party. and she was very grateful for everyone and everything!

What are some of your favorites to give or receive?

Find the best gifts for a girl. I'm sharing the coolest presents my daughter received for her birthday. What will your gift giving style be.

Find the best gifts for an 8 year old girl. I'm sharing with you my daughters favorite birthday presents recieved this year! What will your gift giving style be?

10 thoughts on “The best presents for a girl

  1. These are all great ideas. My daughter just turned 7 and she got the coolest toys. She loves lego and Pokemon. That mic look really cool. Kids are so lucky these days!

  2. I love the idea of the book subscription! I love to read and encourage my kids to read all the time. I checked out the GiftIt website and saw that I could get myself a subscription as well! ?

    1. Thank you! I’m sure she would! My daughter is so excited about it! I’m going to get one for my little one as well!

  3. Caboodles! i don’t know that they still have those until now. i remember them being popular when i was in my tweens and that was a long time ago =). I’m glad to know that they are still in vogue among the tweens of today. i love the bean boozed. I think even my son might warm up to that game

    1. I was SO excited when she got a Caboodle!! I loved mine as well! Bean Boozled is so fun to watch! Let me know if you end up playing!

  4. My Doll’s 8th birthday is not one I will have to worry about for some time, but I have three nieces and they will all be coming upon that mile marker well before her 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas, because I’m terrible at shopping for children! Even if they’re slightly outdated by the time their birthdays come, at least it will give me a couple starting points 🙂

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