Which type of baby carrier I chose & why

This post is in no way sponsored by Moby. I purchased these wraps with my own money and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

I never wore my first baby. That was eight years ago. We lived in a house with many other people and I was working full time. I never really had a need to, so I didn't think I'd be wearing this baby.

I was very wrong.

Ms. Sawyer Boone decided to make her appearance into this world at 36 weeks. She showed up bruised from head to toe, with her cord wrapped around her neck and fluid in her lungs. She also had a terrible response of forgetting to breathe while eating... So off to the NICU we went.

During our stay in the NICU, if the amazing staff at LFH let me hold her, I did. I never wanted to put her down! Her and I slept in the hospital rocking chair. Night, after night, after night.

Can you guess what she wanted when we got to come home and she was finally cordless?? You guessed it! To be held! Every second of every day. Which I was all game for at first. My beautiful little baby was home! Of course I never wanted to put her down! But then I realized my family were all wearing my socks... Even my husband! Everything was dirty! You couldn't see my laundry room floor. My family didn't remember what a home cooked meal tasted like. Time for me to jump on the baby wearing bandwagon!!!

I started with regular baby carrier (I won't name names). The one that looks like a backpack with leg holes. Why did I choose this one you ask?!? Because it was only $30 and looked like I could figure it out. Because standing in front of 50 different baby carriers is super intimidating!! Ahh!!!

So I get home and try it immediately! Oh my goodness... I have two hands, and my baby is happy!! Day two: here come the issues. I used this carrier for about two weeks, here's the problems I encountered.

  1. The buckles. My little girl is 14lbs, that's a pretty good size baby. Even with the straps as tight as they'll go, it's still to loose. If I bend forward for any reason, she jolts awake thinking Mommy is about to drop her.
  2. The size. I can't take it anywhere. It's the same size as my diaper bag. It doesn't fold up or squish down at all.
  3. It is not machine washable. Us Mommas know how messy kids can be. The spit up. The drool. The blow-outs... This thing is spot clean only!
  4. The shoulder straps. They looked like they would be comfortable, they were not.
  5. Sitting down was impossible. In this carrier, she is pretty much in a standing up position. So when I tried to sit down, her feet would hit my legs and stand her up. Woken up again!
  6. Oh my goodness! My back! This is by far my biggest issue with this type of carrier. The weight is just not distributed properly. Leading to, you guessed it, backaches!

I couldn't do it an longer. I added that one to our donation bin and set out to try again.


This time I decided to try a wrap. A Moby.com wrap to be exact. When I got home, I checked out their website for a few tutorials and all the information on safe baby wearing. I checked out YouTube for a how to video, and then I wrapped up Baby Alive! You didn't think I'd take the chance of dropping my little angel did you? Next I did wrap Sawyer, but on my bed. If done properly, that baby isn't going anywhere! Here's what I LOVE about this style carrier.

  1. There are no buckles! Not one!
  2. The size! I can fold it up and stick it in my diaper bag!
  3. Machine washable! Need I say more??
  4. I can do yoga!! Forget about those silly two week that I had to be standing. Now I can grab stuff off the floor, lay down and read a book aaaanndd do yoga!
  5. This wrap is soooo comfortable! Back problems be gone! She's much more comfortable snuggled up all cozy to Mommy (or Daddy), and she hardly feels like she's there!

Can you tell I LOVE this wrap?!? And just in time for teething!!

This blog is strictly my option and could be different from yours. And that's okay. This is just what works for my family and I wanted to share it with you!

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    1. I hear the Tula is great for bigger kids, up to 45-50lbs I think. My baby is still to little, so no experience yet!

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