Taking a step outside your comfort zone

Have you ever wanted to do something outside your comfort zone? I am an introvert, which means most things are outside my comfort zone…

 My my life wasn’t always as “happily ever after” as it is now. I got married young, we had a beautiful baby girl, and then we got divorced. Not the way you plan for your life to go. So my daughter and I created a life for just the two of us. We became the epitome of The Gilmore Girls. She was my headstrong, independent, old soul. My baby. My friend. My co-sleeper. And she liked it that way.



Fast forward to 2014. I fell for my best friend! My amazingly handsome, hard working, intelligent, gentlemanly, compassionate best friend. And WOAH did life change! Not just for me and my daughter, but for him and his daughter. To say the girls were on board with this was an understatement. We had our fair share of hiccups. They were both set in their ways, and used to having their parent to themselves. We got married and moved into “The Castle”. Our home that we all picked out together.

 Imagine their surprise when we find out we’re having a baby!!

 There was disbelief, then protesting, a dash of anger, and finally hope for a baby brother.

 And then came Boone.


Sawyer Boone. Our third amazing little girl. She came equipped with the best pieces of all of us. She brought us closer, and made us a family.

 I am am lucky enough to have been able to quit my dead end office job after 16 year to stay home with the kids (I mentioned my husband is amazing, right?). So I’ve decided to do that one thing that I’ve always wanted to do.

 You guessed it. Blogging.

 I’ve wanted to start a blog for years! Well here it is! Here is my step outside of my comfort zone. I’m beyond excited to take this step! I am also nervous, and quite frankly terrified, but the happiness outrules it all!

 I’d love to hear what your dreams are! Or if you’ve taken the step outside your zone, what inspired you?

 Thanks for reading! Best wishes on your journey!


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